Citroen Rain Water Diverter Cambelt Genuine 824871

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Brand New and Genuine Citroen/Peugeot Part

This is a rain water diverter which can be fitted to the Citroen C8 Peugeot 807 or Fiat Ulysse.

The cause of cambelt failure on Eurovan2 engines has been attributed to water leakage around the plastic section between the windscreen and the bonnet. This water drips onto the cambelt cover and gets onto the belt and the crankshaft cog wheel which drives the belt. Many failures have been reported during cold winterweather, usually after the car was started first thing in the morning. It is thought that water dripping onto the cog wheel freezes overnight and, when the engine is started, this causes the cambelt to snap, slip or be weakened leading to premature failure. A plastic drip-tray modification is available to prevent water getting onto thecambelt of early cars. The drip-tray clips under the coolant expansion tank. 

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